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Presqu’ile Provincial Park

May 14, 2018

The story of this trip starts a few days before our planned departure.  It was Wednesday, before our planned Friday evening departure.  I was driving home from work in my truck, and I noticed a slight noise when turning left.  Very slight.  However, I’m pretty in-tune with my vehicle.  The voice in my head told me to check the front passenger side hub.  The front driver side was replaced about 20,000km ago, so I knew it was only a matter of time, before the passenger side would give up as well.  Not wanting to have trouble 2 hours from home, I got out my little emergency bottle jack, and jacked up the front wheel.

Sure enough, once the tire was off the ground, I could wobble the wheel / tire back and forth.  Hub bearings are toast.  Great.  Well, at leas it did not leave me stranded.  Good thing I listened to that voice inside my head telling me to check it.  And, it was only Wednesday night, so I knew there was a good chance I could get it fixed before our planned Friday departure.  I was frustrated though.  It was a another hassle to deal with, it is an expensive repair on my vehicle, and I don’t really have a relationship with any mechanic close to my new job.  I’d have to call around and solve that problem in the morning.

Though flustered by the truck issue, I moved my shaken focus to de-winterizing the trailer.  I connected the hose to the city water connection to fill the Alde, and the rest of the water lines.  Well, that is what was supposed to happen.  Instead, I flooded the trailer under the galley kitchen sink, because I had not yet re-connected the water pump hose.  Can I get a break here?  I got the water turned off as quick as I could.  Fortunately, the trailer was tipped tail down, so water did not spread through the whole trailer.  After drying that out, I quickly completed the de-winterizing task.

In the morning, I found a shop that said they could fix my truck that day.  Good.  They found a few other items needing repair, and a mislabeled box from a part supplier meant I would have to pick up my truck on Friday instead.  Ok, that still works, it will just delay packing a little bit.

So, Thursday night, we got the trailer packed, and Friday evening, I drove my truck home from the shop after work.  The truck was now way quieter, with far less rattling and such.  Good.  We loaded the truck, hitched up the trailer, and were on our way.  The drive went as well as expected, and we reached our lakefront plot in Presqu’ile Provincial Park.  Before long, we were tucked inside the T@b, with all four of us (two people, two dogs) fitting in fine.  I thought the addition of the now larger Adventure Poodle would make the trailer feel cramped, but it did not bother me one bit.

Saturday morning came, and we were both awake fairly early.  As I expected, it was cool by the Great Lake Ontario, so we started with a walk, and a hot oatmeal breakfast.  We spent much of Saturday relaxing, enjoying the view, playing with the dogs, and getting in a high quality nap.

Since we were up early, there was still plenty of time in the day for a little exploring.  So, we headed to the Marsh Boardwalk Trail.

The marsh was still waking up from a long winter, and cool spring.

The boardwalk was lovely.  It was well constructed, with nice composite deck boards, and wound through the marsh.  Remains from a previous edition of the boardwalk remained as well.

The trail then took us to a forest, with some interestingly misshapen trees, that you could ride like a horse.

Having explored enough to not feel like we wasted the day, we went to bed, excited for the next day, which was forecast to be warmer, and have a special Mother’s day visit from my wife’s mother.

From my first step outside the trailer on Sunday morning, I knew it was going to be a good day weather wise.  The sun was warm, the winds were calm, and although there were tons of bugs, they were of the non-biting variety.

We had a nice calm start to our morning, and then our special guest arrived.  We got all caught up, and had a nice lunch together, before heading out for a bike ride.

It was a wonderful day to ride though the park.  Much of our route featured one way roads, and wide bike lanes.  Perfect.  Another interesting feature of the route was the small barriers along the side of the road, to restrict reptiles and other small animals to using small tunnels to cross the road, rather than risk their lives in automobile traffic.

When I hopped off my bike for a closer look at one of the tunnels, I was greeted by a Painted Turtle.  What a treat.  Clearly, the tunnels work.

We wrapped up our time at Presqu’ile by enjoying the visitor centre by the lighthouse.  This provided an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the park.  It also had a nice model of the lighthouse inside.

The full sized lighthouse was an impressive display of, well, scaffolding, as it gets some refurbishment work done.

With smiles on our faces, we headed home, knowing our next trip was not far away.


Well, actually, not quite.  I wish it was the end, but I’ve got more to ramble on about.

The drive home was going in typical fashion.  A few slowdowns here and there, but we were making good time overall.  Then, I got a very slight clue that maybe something was wrong.  I noticed a very minor vibration in the steering wheel.  Maybe it was just the road surface.  It was not worrying, since it was not as bad as when I’ve experienced tire balance issues in the past.  However, very shortly thereafter, fairly suddenly, I heard noises that made me say to Erica, I think we have a flat tire, I we need to pull over.  Very quickly, the noise became more and more severe sounding.  I quickly scanned, to see a very narrow shoulder on the highway, but an off ramp just a few hundred meters away, with a wider shoulder.

I brought the truck and trailer to a stop, narrowly off the road way, near the start of the off ramp.  I got out of the vehicle, with Erica urging me to be careful.  I did a walk around the truck, but to my confusion, I saw no flat, or even low tires.  Huh?  I got down on a knee.  No fluid under the truck either.  Trailer tires?  They look fine too.  Front steering and suspension?  That looks fine too.  But, something was definitely not fine.  The shop had the front wheels off for the earlier repair work.  Lug nuts?  Fine on passenger side.  Driver side?  Uhh-oh.  One is missing.  Let’s take a closer look.  The stud has sheared off too.  And, the rest of the lug nuts are mostly un-threaded.  Holy ****!  I could only think of one explanation for that.  The repair shop did not torque the lug nuts properly.  I was so mad.  I’ve done my fair share of tire changes, and never have I had a problem with properly torqued lug nuts loosening off.

Erica urged me to get off the road, and call a tow truck.  But instead, I pulled a little further off the road, and tightened up the 5 remaining lug nuts, and checked the other side, which was sufficiently tight.  We then rolled along the off ramp, and headed to the nearest parking lot, where I re-torqued the lug nuts again.

I then took a few minutes to take some deep breaths, and collect myself.  I may sound dramatic, but we were very close to a terrible accident.  Had that front driver side wheel come off on the highway, I would have lost control of the truck, and we would have very likely been hit at high speed.  We could have lost our truck, trailer, and maybe even our lives.  Deep breath, slow exhale.  Repeat.

I decided that 5 of 6 lugnuts is good enough to get us home, but I did not want to be stupid about it.  I decided we would drive at highway speed for about 3km to the next exit, and check the lug nuts again.  After doing so, I found them all to be sufficiently tight, so I decided we would proceed home.  I was still so mad.  We did not talk too much on the remainder of the ride home.

Thanks to our guardian angel, we did make it home safely.  Yikes.

Of course, I had to follow up with the repair shop.  I approached it calmly and professionally.  I did not go in cursing.  They have cameras in the shop, and they were able to verify that a torque wrench was not used on the wheel.  The owner did not hesitate to admit their mistake, and apologize.  I simply asked that the damage be repaired, and as a goodwill gesture, that they give the vehicle a bumper to bumper safety inspection.  He agreed.  I also followed up on another issue, where they were unable to repair the ABS sensor on the driver side that failed, as a result of a previous shop’s shoddy work.  He offered to replace the hub on the driver’s side as well, free of charge, which is an expensive part.

So far, it’s looking like they will make it right, so that is good news.  All is well that ends well?

Happy camping, and stay safe everyone.


Escaping the Ice Storm – Hickory Run

April 19, 2018

Caution.  Grab a coffee or a snack, this one gets a little long.

Erica and i were determined to camp this weekend.  We each had our reasons for really wanting to go.  We had a spot booked weeks ago.  But, a forecast for a ton of rain made it look like that would not be any fun.  So, our next thought was head north, for some winter fun, in April.  But, we really did not want more winter, and we worried that travel would be simply dangerous, with all kinds of ice and snow forecasted.  Environment Canada was warning of a “Potentially Historic Ice Storm.”  We continued to watch the forecast throughout the week, and decided to push the decision as late as we could.  The forecast did not improve.  What to do?  Being in Southern Ontario, we can go North, East, or West.  All those options looked bad within a five hour drive.  So, we decided to consider an option we don’t usually take.  Head South, into the US of A.

We considered some logistics.  Passports, check.  Dogs; valid rabies shot.  One out of two.  Unfortunately, our Adventure Poodle would not be able to make the trip, as he got his rabies shot just days before our planned departure.  The CDC wanted him to have the shot 30 days prior to entry.  My parents were able to watch the Adventure Poodle though.  We knew he would be happy, and well cared for; check!  Food.  Heavy restrictions bringing food into the USA from Canada.  Ok, we can do some shopping across the border.  Destination.  To the Googles.  We considered a couple options, and debated some pros and cons.  We decided on Hickory Run State Park in PA. A journey with about 5.5 hours of driving and a border crossing.

We were able to take off around 3pm.  Not ideal, but we’ve faced worse schedules.  We dropped off Adventure Poodle, and headed to the border.  It took around a half hour of waiting, but our crossing went smoothly.  Hello America!

Since our plans were made a little last minute, we did not have everything meticulously planned.  We knew we had to get some food, but had no idea where.  We stopped at the first grocery store we came across.  A “Save A Lot.”  It was a fairly small store, with the smallest produce section I’ve ever seen.  Many of the brand names were unfamiliar to us.  We circled the sore a few times, and left with a basket of food.  Since it was nearby, and familiar to us, we grabbed a bite to eat at a Tim Hortons.  We fueled up the truck, and we were rolling again.  Up and down the hills of New York.

Most of our travels in Ontario are quite flat, and straight.  Our drives are often uninteresting, and just about putting in time, in order to get to our destination.  But, this journey featured a far more interesting drive.  Hills, and curves!  It made the drive seem like less of a chore, and more like part of the vacation.  The truck sure got a workout on some very steep climbs.  For the first time ever, I had my foot to the floor, was not accelerating, and was doing 50 in a 55.  Huh.  That’s fine.  I was 0% concerned.  There were lots of other climbs that had the truck revving at about 4500 RPM, but it always held the speed limit.  Night fell on our travels, limiting our views for the last couple hours.  That just meant that we would have some fresh views for the return trip.

We ended up pulling into the park around 11pm.  Oops.  That’s later than they want you to pull in.  We did our best to be quiet, and not disturb any campers.  The site was easy to back into, and nice and level.  The temperatures were nice, and we were snoozing before long.

Even after driving many hours south, we knew that Saturday’s weather would be great, but the forecast for Sunday and Monday was showing a high chance of rain.  That’s better than snow and ice, but still not as good as sunshine.  So, we planned to make the most of Saturday.  We even set an alarm, so we did not slumber for too long.

We started our day with the “Shades of Death” trail.  It was an amazingly diverse trail, with waterfalls, green plants (refreshing this time of year), varied terrain, and good conditions.  It was one of the nicest hikes we’ve done.

The weather was so warm, we could hardly handle it!  We left our sweaters in the T@b, but even in light long sleeves, we were a little overdressed!

After the Shades of Death trail, we headed back to the campsite for lunch.  We were both a little alarmed by how salty some of our selections turned out to be.  We decided to have a little lay down in the T@b before heading out again.  It was so warm, we even fired up the air conditioning.  Refueled, and rested, we were ready for more.

We headed out to see Hawk Falls.  It was definitely a popular spot, but not overcrowded.

Beyond the falls, we planned to hike a loop.  We were expecting a challenging hike, and certainly found a challenge, complete with very steep, and slippery terrain.  It was fun, grabbing trees, to keep ourselves on the trail, and not sliding down the steep slopes.  But, eventually, we ended up losing the trail, and backtracked.  We did not feel defeated, as we enjoyed the trek anyways.

Saturday was not over yet though!  We still had time to check out one of the defining features of the park.  The Boulder Field!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  So vast.  So flat.  Seemingly out of place.  We were not sure how our Mini Adventure Mutt would handle it, but she skipped from boulder to boulder without missing a beat.

We wrapped up the night with a campfire, fueled by nice dry wood from the camp store.  We both felt we made the most of the insanely nice Saturday weather.  The temperatures dropped sharply overnight.  So much so, that even though we were using the A/C in the afternoon, I turned on the heat in the middle of the night, when I awoke feeling chilly.

On Sunday, we woke up a little tired from our busy Saturday, so we slumbered a bit later.  I took the Adventure Mutt outside in the morning, and found the air to have a bit of a mist to it, making it feel much colder and damper than the day before.

After some oatmeal and coffee, we headed out for a quest to find a fire tower indicated on the park map.  Somehow though, our quest failed.  We did not find a fire tower.  How can you not find a fire tower?  I don’t know.  Poor map reading skills?  Naw, can’t be.  They must have torn it down or something!  lol

Anyways, we shifted our focus to the Fireline trail, and enjoyed some nice views, though we dressed much differently than the day before.

After getting out and adventuring a little bit, we did not feel guilty about spending some time relaxing in the trailer.  Erica had a movie downloaded on the old iPad, so we watched that, and shared lots of laughs.

It was looking like rain was moving in for the evening, so spending time sitting around the campfire did not seem like a great plan.  But, we still wanted to do something other than sit around.  Fortunately, Erica is great at coming up with fun, spontaneous (or sometimes not so spontaneous) plans.

For a while now, Erica has been telling me about a chain of fondue restaurants called “the Melting Pot.”  She has been wanting to go for some time now, but they don’t have any locations near us in Canada, although there is one near us in Buffalo.  Erica found a location in Bethlehem, a little over an hour away from where we were camped.  We had time, so we went for it.  We took some more winding roads, and arrived at the restaurant, perhaps a little under-dressed, and a little dirtier than we normally are when we dine out.  But, none the less, our waitress treated us very well.

Our night out was fantastic.  The fondue and all the dippers were delicious.  Also, our waitress even brought us a tasty chocolate maple leaf they drew up for us with our desert.  She seemed excited that we came so far, telling us that she had never served any Canadians at the restaurant previously.  I was a little surprised by that, but we were near 6 hours away from the border.

The drive back to the campground was very dark and rainy, but we made it safe, and tucked into bed.

Aaaand, we stayed there for a good long while.  We woke to the sound of wind an rain.  A lot of rain came down, so we slumbered, and listened to an audio book.

Eventually, come late morning, the rain let up.  It was warm, an actually really nice for a few moments when there was a gap between the clouds.  We both showered up.  Feeling refreshed, we lit a fire, and roasted up some lunch, before packing up.

Perhaps the Adventure Mutt did not want to leave.  She seemed to protest hooking up the trailer!

But, she did yield, and we hit the road.

Again, we enjoyed the scenery, as we made our way through the mountains of PA.

As we got closer to home, something bad happened.  It started snowing!  Yuck.  As we got closer to Buffalo, the roads were getting kind of slushy.  We passed one vehicle in the ditch, so I was sure to drive with care.

Fortunately, the borer crossing was quick, and we made it back home safely.  I was pretty grumpy about the weather, but we were very happy we were able to escape it for a few days.

The overnight low was below freezing, so I made the call to winterize the trailer again for the night.  Better safe than sorry I thought.  I completed the task fairly quickly, having learned the process in the fall.  Only one mistake.  After I was tucked in bed, I realized I forgot to address the water pump.  Whoops.  I quickly popped out of bed, and drained the pump/lines, to avoid potential issues.

Waking up this morning, it is still icy and cool outdoors, but at least Erica and I have the memories of sunny and warm April days in PA.

Thanks for reading!

Eleventh Trip – Valens Lake

April 19, 2018

Hey T@bbers, it’s been too long.  We’re a couple months into Winter here in Ontario, and I’m seeing memes like the one below posted on social media way to often…

Fortunately for Erica and I, we are well equipped to not let the snow stop us from camping.  And that’s a real good thing, because I think we both really needed a weekend away.  We’ve been talking a bunch about all our grand camping plans for the summer, and making bookings as soon as the 5 month window opens up for our Provincial Parks.  Too much talking, and not enough doing can leave a camper feeling a little down.

There are very few parks open for winter camping, but fortunately, we have one only about an hour away called Valens Conservation Area.  Their sales pitch sounds like this:

Looking for a northern feel without the drive? Valens Lake offers you the look and feel of the ‘north’, right in your own backyard! The area is a 300-hectare mecca for campers, anglers and outdoor lovers alike.

It’s winter, so no booking are necessary.  With only a short drive, we were able to have a nice breakfast at home, and hit the road when we were ready.  We had gotten some snow the night before, and more was expected for Saturday.  The roads in our subdivision were a little sloppy, but the main roads and highway were in good shape for our travels.

We arrived at the gate house, and were instructed to simply drive in, pick a site, and come back to the gate house to pay up.  Of course, we targeted an electrical site, near the one comfort station that was open.  We landed on a pull through site, somewhat recently plowed, with a little over 6 inches of snow.  Oh, did I mention I forgot a snow shovel?  Oh well, we remembered our boots!

Valens has 10+ km of trail, but we did not make any big plans, because we had the newest member of our pack on this trip!

There was a little lookout very close to our site, so we headed there.  Adventure Puppy did great.

I will admit, that there, is about as adventurous as our weekend got!  I think the whole crew was ok with that though.  The dogs got all the time outside they needed to burn off their steam, and Erica and I got some much needed down time.

Sunday’s weather was a bit of a mixed bag anyways.  Winds were kicking the snow off the trees, and later it started raining.

I think Valens has a lot to offer.  It really did make us feel like we were much further north than we were.  The park was very quiet, and the people we did come across were all super friendly.  It’s a park we might just have to go back to.

The drive home went well, and we were home with plenty of day left.

Winter camping continues to offer challenges.  I really need to find a way to up my campfire game.  Building a fire on a block of ice, with a sub-zero wind blowing, and keeping it hot continues to challenge me.  Though we manage it better now, some of the condensation in the trailer is unstoppable, like under the rear hatch.  I suppose we could insulate the pass-through cabinet doors, but for how often we camp in the winter, I’m not sure it’s worth it, or how well it would even work.

Since it was above freezing, I took the opportunity to give the T@b a sponge bath when we got unpacked.  It looks much better without the winter slush on it.  It will sit pretty until we are ready for our next trip.  We love that the T@b has everything we need to get away, any time of the year.

Tenth Trip – Mew Lake

April 19, 2018

Winter Camping was a success!

I know what some of you may be thinking, technically, it’s not winter yet.  While that may be true, to call this trip simply “camping” does not seem to do it justice, when considering the fact that the overnight low was -10C (14F), and there was measurable snow accumulation.

Instead of departing Friday after work like we normally do, we decided to leave Saturday morning this time, and camp for only one night at Mew Lake (Algonquin), while we figured this winter camping thing out.  Fortunately, the roads were in good condition for the drive.  There was some rain and drizzle, which changed to snow, so I decided to um, take in some extra scenery on the way there, rather than rushing to our campsite.  Some might say I missed a turn, by a lot, but neither of us wanted to setup in the rain, so the point is moot.  LOL

We arrived at our site after our scenic drive, and found it partially snow covered, though the precipitation had stopped falling.  For some reason, I had not really registered the thought that there would be snow on the ground, since we have not seen any accumulation where we live.  This reminded me that packing a shovel would have been smart, as I used my boots to kick some snow over some of the mud behind the back of our trailer.  We ended up listing about six or seven items that would be a good idea to have on hand.  None were critically needed for this trip though.

We got started with a hike on the ever-popular “Lookout Trail,” and found it far less crowded than when we drove by in October.  This should have been a very easy hike, but the wet snow made the ascents and descents far more challenging.

The view was worth it though.

We returned to camp, and had a little rest, before we would start a fire, and roast some hot dogs.

I struggled to get the fire lit while it started to snow.  Eventually, I got it going though.  That’s when Erica emerged from the coziness of the trailer.

If you were wondering, yes, we still like the outdoor kitchen.

When it was time to pack it in for the night, we made sure to keep the windows in the cracked open position, to avoid the condensation issues we had on our last trip.  Things were much better as a result.  The draft kept things cool, but not cold, fresh, and not damp.  The overnight low as mentioned above, hit -10C, but with a nice pile of blankets, and a warm down duvet, we were comfortable.

This was our view in the morning:

Here’s how things looked outside:

Some oatmeal and coffee (with Irish cream of course) got us fueled up for our day.  We had a couple hikes planned for Sunday morning.  I was really looking forward to our trek through the “Big Pines” trail.  We were the only vehicle in the parking lot, and only foot prints in the fresh snow.  It did not disappoint.  The pines were big, and the forest was beautifully decorated with Saturday night’s snow.

Big Pine, Little Dog

After the Big Pines, we did a quick loop on the Spruce Bog Trail, to make sure the Adveture Mutt was good and tired for the drive home.  As a result we were tired too.  A little lunch, and a little rest in the trailer, and before long, it was time to pack up.

I have to say, that we both had a wonderful weekend.  If you had told me a year ago, that my wife and I would be camping together in a snowy Algonquin park, and completely enjoying it, I would have been shocked.  What a wonderful blessing our little T@b has been.

Happy Camper.

I think there will definitely be more trips before spring!

Ninth Trip – Mew Lake

April 19, 2018

On our most recent trip, we headed to Ontario’s oldest, and perhaps most famous provincial park: Algonquin.  While the park is certainly a hot spot for travelers from the Greater Toronto Area (and all over), it is also a seemingly endless outdoor playground.  There are so many lakes, rivers, and trails, that a weekend there does not even scratch the surface, and a week there would hardly make a dent.

None the less, we had a weekend at the Mew Lake Campground, and I was determined to make the most of it.  Our site was very spacious, and right on the shore of the Mew Lake.

A tad bit of research helped me pick a place, among the many available, that I wanted to explore.  I decided on a spot on the Centennial Ridges Trail, that overlooks Whitefish Lake.

The adventure Mutt was happy to take the opportunity to get her paws muddy along the way.

Though many leaves had already fallen, there was still some nice colour in the woods.

After a few km on the trail, we found the view I was looking for!

And just so you don’t think we stole the picture from the internet, and skipped the hike; selfie!

As mentioned earlier, we picked up a new (to us) toy to play with as well, a Scott Explorer 14ft fibreglass canoe.  After our first paddle, we were very happy.  The boat is light enough for us to handle, stable, and tracks nice and straight.

We used it to view the ridge from the lake, instead of viewing the lake from the ridge, like we did earlier!

Adventure Mutt’s approval is still pending, but its great to have her along, instead of leaving her in the T@b, while we have all the fun.

Oh, and I can’t wrap up this post, without saying that the weather was absolutely awesome for late October.  When we booked this trip, we thought we would have to winterize the trailer before the trip, but the overnight lows were plenty far from the freezing point.

While we have been camping in the T@b for a little while now, we are still learning.  Learning things like when the temperatures drop, we do need to vent the trailer a bit to limit condensation, which we were getting a lot of.

We thought this might be our last trip for a while, but that thought made us pretty sad.  We’ll see…

Eighth Trip – Killbear

April 19, 2018

Well, once again, we got back from another great trip, unpacked, had some dinner, showered, and crawled into bed.  I pull out my laptop, to upload some photos, and do some rambling.  However, every single time, my ramblings are interrupted by our cat…

But anyways…

We spent the weekend at Killbear Provincial Park.  We loved the quiet fall camping experience.  Fewer kids, less noise, more empty sites.  It just feels more relaxing in the fall, compared to the summer, when the parks are booked solid.

Our site was nice and large, perched up nice and high to give nice views.  I had to kick the truck into 4×4 to pull the T@b over some roots, up to its resting place for the weekend.  We got the trailer level without any fuss, and left it hitched to the truck.

The temperatures were fairly low, but the Alde kept our T@b super cozy all weekend.

Saturday morning was fairly cool, so sitting around our campsite outside was not a great option, so we chose to do something active.  Since we left the truck hitched to the trailer, we used our bikes to get around the park.  Killbear has a nice cycling path that runs parallel to the main park road.  That helps keep the cyclists safe, and leaves the narrow road open for the cars.  We of course wanted our dog to join us on the hike, and she did a great job on leash while we rode our bikes a few km at a slow pace to the trailhead.

The Lookout Point gave a nice view as promised.

There were lots of people at the lookout, but it did not take away from the experience.

After the hike, we crawled back into the trailer for a really great nap.

Some campgrounds in the park were closed for the season, and maybe that was part of the reason we saw so many deer.

Oh, and did I mention there was tons of great shoreline?  Lots of nice rocky pieces, and lots of nice sandy beaches too.  We also got to enjoy some nice sunrises and sunsets.

Next weekend, we will be using the T@b as an extra bedroom, as we pack our house with guests for Thanksgiving.

Can we sneak in one more trip before winterizing the trailer?

Seventh Trip – Oastler Lake

April 19, 2018

With the kids back in school, the busiest time of year for our provincial parks is over.  That means, the more premium sites are easier to book on short notice.  Thus, our fall trips will typically have our T@b parked really close to a lake.

To kick things off, we headed to Oastler Lake provincial park.  We arrived in the dark, so we could not really see what kind of view we had.  As per usual, we leveled the trailer, and crawled in.  Now, I must mention one of the downsides of this location.  Trains.  The park is located near a set of very regularly used train tracks.  The tracks also cross nearby roads.  That means train whistles.  Put it all together, and you have loud noises, every 50 minutes or so, all night long.  To be fair, we were warned by many Trip Advisor posts, as well as the park’s website.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, I did not sleep that well the first night, but afternoon naps helped with that.

We were both very happy with what we saw in the morning though.

A few steps down to the lake, and we had our own little private piece of beach.  It was extra nice, because the upper part of our campsite was not super private, and we did have some, uh, interesting neighbours to the left.  We spent most of the weekend down there.

Since the park was fairly small, we decided to take kayaks instead of bicycles for this trip.  Launching from our site was super convenient.

For the second night, we made sure to keep the T@b windows closed for a little extra noise insulation, and the fan running, for a little white noise.  We slept better as a result, though I did still hear some train whistles.

The T@b is still doing well, but the kitchen faucet is leaking pretty significantly, so we will need to get that repaired, hopefully before our next trip.